How to Make a Burrito: The Ultimate Guide

July 06, 2021
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In the mood for Mexican food? It doesn’t get much better than a good, old-fashioned burrito! This classic dish is beloved throughout the world, packing all the very best parts of Mexican cuisine into one big, tasty wrap. Wondering how to make a burrito at home? Our ultimate guide to burritos is here to help with everything you need to know about this iconic Mexican meal.

what is a burrito

What is a burrito?

Let’s start with the basics: what is a burrito, exactly? A burrito is a type of Mexican wrap, usually a flour tortilla, that’s filled with refried beans and other tasty toppings, then rolled shut and served piping hot! Traditionally, the burritos found in Northern Mexico are smaller than their US cousins that we’ve come to know and love today.

What goes in a burrito

What goes in a burrito?

The beauty of burritos is you can customise them to suit your taste, but the essentials are beans, protein (meat or vegetarian) and salsa, all wrapped up in a flour tortilla. Vegetables, sour cream, guacamole, cheese and rice are also frequently added to the mix – although there’s much debate about whether rice truly belongs in a burrito!

What goes in a burrito three
  1. Beans – the two most common types of beans used for burritos are black beans and pinto beans, specifically refried pinto beans. Grab a tin of Old El Paso Refried Beans to save yourself some time.
  2. Protein – chicken or beef are the most popular burrito fillings, but you can also enjoy pork or opt for a veggie filling instead. Our Old El Paso Burrito Kit is perfect to get you started.
  3. Salsa – a good salsa can take your burrito to the next level. Why not mix medium and mild salsa from our selection of Old El Paso Chunky Salsa to add extra flavour?
  4. Cheese – shredded cheese is a must-have on a burrito, but what kind you choose is up to you! Stick to classic Cheddar cheese, go for gooey mozzarella or try some creamy Monterey Jack cheese for a change.
  5. Rice – while it’s optional, adding rice into your burrito can make it extra filling and provide a bit more texture. Use cooked white rice or swap for brown rice if you’re looking for some more nutrients.
  6. Avocado – another optional ingredient, but one we love to include for a bit of extra flavour and taste. Simply slice a ripe avocado into neat pieces and add it into the mix.

how to wrap a burrito

How to wrap a burrito

Now for the tricky part – how do you wrap a burrito? It all comes down to adding the right amount of filling. Add too much and it’s pretty impossible to wrap a snug burrito for cooking; add too little and you’re missing out on some delicious food! To help, watch our tutorial below to wrap the perfect burrito every time.



We’ve got a variety of amazing burrito recipes to choose from, whether you’re in the mood for something veggie or meat. Start the day with a filling breakfast burrito or enjoy this classic Mexican dish for a loaded lunch or delicious dinner..

Burrito side servings

Burrito side servings

While a burrito can be enjoyed on its own, you can fill your plate with some sumptuous sides for a filling Mexican meal. Some of our favourite side dishes for burritos include:

  • Tortilla chips – perfect for sharing with friends and family, tortilla chips can add a satisfying crunch to your meal. Don’t forget a generous helping of guacamole and salsa for dipping!
  • Refried beans – if you've packed your burrito full of other delicious ingredients like sweet potato, serve up some refried beans on the side instead. The best of both worlds!
  • Salad – you can’t go wrong with a crunchy side salad with your burrito. We recommend chopping up some ripe avocado, tomatoes and jalapeños (if you like some heat) and mixing them together with olive oil and lime juice.
  • Mexican rice – there may be some debate about whether rice belongs in a burrito or not, but it certainly makes a great side dish! Mix in some coriander and extra veggies for added bite!
  • Corn – whether you’re a fan of corn on the cob or prefer it in a bowl, crunchy corn is a fantastic side dish for burritos. Charring your corn and pairing some chilli and freshly squeezed lime provides a great balance of flavours.


  • What is the difference between a burrito and fajita?
    Burritos are large tortillas that are stuffed with meat, vegetables and other juicy fillings, and served as a hot wrap. Fajitas usually contain grilled meat and charred vegetables, which are served on a skillet with flour tortillas on the side to fill yourself.
  • How do you reheat a burrito?
    We don’t recommend using a microwave to reheat a burrito, as the filling may make it go soggy. The best way to reheat a burrito is to wrap it in a layer of protective foil to hold its shape and place it on a baking tray in the oven on a low heat. The burrito will gradually reheat and your fillings will remain just as they were intended.
  • What does burrito mean?
    Burrito literally translates to "little donkey" in Spanish, which could refer to the round bedrolls commonly carried by donkeys in Mexico.
  • Where did burritos originate?
    The exact history of the burrito is unknown, though it grew in popularity around the 19th century, particularly in California. Farmworkers would often prepare a burrito of beans and salsa as an easy lunch.
  • Are burritos gluten-free?
    Burritos can be gluten-free if you use corn tortillas, as opposed to wheat tortillas.
  • When is National Burrito Day?
    National Burrito Day is celebrated on the first Thursday in April each year and celebrates one of Mexico’s most popular dishes!