BOLD Tacos with Chicken and Lime Sour Cream


A taco is a traditional Mexican dish in which crunchy or soft corn tortillas are stuffed with meat, fresh veg or seafood with tasty taco seasoning, crisp lettuce, grated cheese and a dash of tangy salsa. Perhaps more delicate than the hearty Burrito, tacos lend themselves to a wide variety of dishes/recipes. The Baja region of California is famous for producing a world renowned fish taco recipe, and you can find a host of other ideas for fillings right here, from lamb, steak and chorizo to a delicious veggie burger option!
20 Minute Beef and Black Bean Burrito Recipe


Seriously satisfying, the Burrito is a soft, warm tortilla wrapped to contain a number of juicy fillings including rice, beans and chicken, beef or pork. The name 'burrito' translates to ‘little donkey’ because the folded end of the tortilla looks like a donkey’s ear! Traditionally, Mexican burritos would include meat and refried beans, whilst in the US they introduced a combination of extra ingredients including rice, salsa, beans lettuce and meat. Our selection of recipes cover all meal times with the breakfast burrito, as well as a diverse selection of ingredients including dark chocolate.
Mushroom Fajitas with Sour Cream Recipe


Fajitas are one of the ultimate dishes when it comes to Mexican cooking. They are ideal for dinner with friends and family, as they are easy to prepare, easy to share and never fail to stir up an appetite. With plenty of fajita recipe ideas to get your teeth into, Old El Paso™ offer recipes for classic chicken fajitas, as well as exciting new options to shake it up in the kitchen, such as prawn fajitas, and recipes with sweet mango and halloumi!
Beef and Black Bean Nachos with Guacamole


Our Mexican nachos are twice cooked to make them extra crunchy so they’re strong enough to load with all your favourite fillings - gooey melted cheese, hearty beans, sour cream and a big dollop of guacamole. Once you have laid out the nachos on a baking tray, it's over to you to get creative with your toppings! Our Mexican nachos recipes are just here to provide a little extra inspiration.
Easy & Simple Classic Chicken Enchiladas Recipe


One of the few Mexican dishes that benefits from a knife and fork, Enchiladas are soft corn tortillas wrapped around tender chicken and baked in the oven in a rich and tangy tomato sauce. These hefty dishes are a firm family favourite and everyone should leave the table feeling satisfied. Our recipes below include a classic chicken and cheese and also a few variations such as Tuna & Pepper, Vegetarian and Spicy Rice & Chicken.
Potato & Chorizo Quesadillas Recipe


Literally translated as ‘little cheese’, a quesadilla is a fried or grilled tortilla which you can fill with a variety of fillings from cheese, chicken, onions and, if you like the heat, even a fiery chilli or two. Typically eaten as a light meal or snack, they can also be used as an accompaniment to a larger meal or a large meal in itself. We have a range of three recipe ideas to choose from; the traditional Mexican quesadilla (cheese and tomato salsa), the tuna sweetcorn and the vegetarian (cheese and mixed veg).