Nick Kyrgios is back with a new #MESSFREECHALLENGEMessFreeChallenge Slam Dunk Banner

Following last year’s hugely popular #MessFreeChallenge, Old El Paso is excited to partner again with Nick Kyrgios, who has traded his first love of tennis, for his other love of basketball this time!
The long-time basketball enthusiast returns with the Slam Dunk #MessFreeChallenge and invited the basketball players and the wider community to join the movement to address food insecurity in Australia, and around the world.
The sporting tradition continues, where we continue to show that holding an Old El Paso Tortilla Pocket™ in one hand, while Slam Dunking with the other, is no big deal! And that mess-free Mexican is a Slam Dunk, that the whole family will enjoy.