australian olympian athelets holding fajita in their hand with green texture in background

Our Olympians

With the 2024 Paris Olympics around the corner Old El Paso is making some noise for Team Australia with a new campaign starring Old El Paso's 'Home Team Heros' Patty Mills, Mackenzie "Macca" Arnold and Logan Martin!

patty mills holding delicious tacos in hand

Patty Mills

Patty Mills, the celebrated Australian basketball icon and proud Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal, shines in the NBA and as a cornerstone of Australia's Olympic basketball team. His dynamic skills and cultural pride inspire millions, making him a beloved figure both on and off the court.

"As I'm mentally getting in the zone for Paris, uniting over fun flavours at the dinner table with my home team, combined with the ease of rustling up some Old El Paso speedy Mexican style food makes for the perfect pre-game mealtime choice". - Patty Mills

Patty joins the Old El Paso Team to make some noise for the Australian Olympic team in Paris 2024.

mackenzie arnold holding fajita in hand

Mackenzie 'Macca' Arnold

Mackenzie "Macca" Arnold, Australia's beloved national goalkeeper and West Ham United (WSL) star, showcases unparalleled agility and prowess on the field. With remarkable reflexes and a commanding presence, she inspires fans globally with her extraordinary saves and unwavering dedication to the beautiful game.

"Nothing unites the Matildas like the hard graft of training for big matches as a team. We also share the love of gathering to enjoy delicious home cooked meals with everyone bringing their own flavour to the table." - Mackenzie Arnold

Old El Paso are proud to welcome Macca to the Home Team Hero squad for Paris 2024.

logan martin holding soft taco in hand

Logan Martin

Logan Martin, the BMX freestyle sensation, dominates the sport with his unmatched skill and style. As a reigning Olympic gold medalist and X Games champion, his daring tricks and innovative riding make him a trailblazer in the BMX world, captivating audiences worldwide. Logan takes his Taco game to the extreme with his own Taco Tuesday gloves!

"For a lot of athletes needing to refuel and reset after a long day of intense training, mealtimes are for families to come together and enjoy sharing vibrant flavours and connect over fun stories around the dinner table." - Logan Martin

Logan will be making some noise for Paris 2024 with the Old El Paso Team!



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